콜로퀴움 & 세미나

Colloquium & Seminar

[Colloquium] 2022.6.8.(WED) / Dr. Sung Jong Yoo (KIST) / Nanoarchitecture and Catalyst Designs for Fuel Cell and Water Splitting Applications

[Colloquium] 2022.5.25.(WED) / Prof. Chang-Hee Cho (DGIST) / Excitons in semiconductors: Light-matter interactions

[Colloquium] 2022.5.18.(WED) / Prof. Euihun Joung (Kyung Hee University) / 양자, 중력 그리고 무한대

[Colloquium] 2022.5.11.(WED) / Prof. Meesoon Ha (Chosun University) / Universality of Dynamic Phase Transitions in Complex Systems

[Colloquium] 2022.5.4.(WED) / Prof. Chang-Jong Kang (Chungnam National University) / Nature of electronic correlations in the infinite-layer nickelate superconductors and hidden Hund’s physics

[Colloquium] 2022.4.27.(WED) / Dr. Sung-Ju Kang (Gwacheon National Science Museum) / Exploration to the Exoplanets and JWST

[Colloquium] 2022.4.13.(WED) / Prof. Jun Sung Kim (POSTECH) / Large magnetotransport responses of topological van der Waals magents

[Colloquium] 2022.4.6.(WED) / Dr. Gahyun Choi (KRISS) / 초전도 회로 기반 양자컴퓨팅 시스템

[Colloquium] 2022.3.30.(WED) / Prof. Donggyu Kim (KAIST) / Spin-based coding of optical imaging systems

[Colloquium] 2022.3.23.(WED) / Prof. Seok Kim (Seoul National Univ.) / 블랙홀의 양자물리