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콜로퀴움 & 세미나

Colloquium & Seminar

콜로퀴움 공지2024 5

[Colloquium] 2024.4.3.(WED) / Prof. Seong Hee Park(Korea University) / Research activities on RF accelerators and Laser-Plasma accelerators


[Colloquium] 2024.3.27.(WED) / Prof. Andy Chong(Pusan National University) / Three-dimensionally structured optical wavepackets

콜로퀴움 공지2024 3

[Colloquium] 2024.3.20.(WED) / Prof. JinWoong Cha(Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science) / Hybridizing Quantum Systems for Quantum Technologies

[Colloquium] 2024.3.13.(WED) / Prof. Soon Chil Lee(National Research Foundation of Korea) / 양자기술이 가져올 문명의 두번째 퀀텀 점프

콜로퀴움 공지2024

[Colloquium] 2024.3.6.(WED) / Prof. Changhyun Ahn (Kyungpook National Univ.) / Can we observe the evidence of superstring(or M) theory in our real world? (Celestial Holography)

콜로퀴움 공지2024 1

[Special Seminar] 2024.3.7.(THU) / Dr. Ji Hoon Kim(Cornell Univ.) / Generating particle beams with extreme spatiotemporal profiles using laser-plasma interaction

콜로퀴움 공지2024 Prof. 박문집

[Colloquium] 2024.2.28.(WED) / Prof. Moon Jip Park (Hanyang Univ.) / 바둑판 위에서 본 양자, 위상, 얽힘(Quantum, topology, and entanglement on the lattice)

대표이미지 도용주

[Lunch Meeting] 2023.12.8.(금) / Prof. 도용주 / 두 개의 양자 우물로 바라본 마요라나 페르미온

대표이미지 황치옥

[Lunch Meeting] 2023.12.1.(금) / Prof. 황치옥 / Laplace 방정식을 무작위 걷기 방법으로 풀기

콜로퀴움 공지2023 문한섭교수님

[Colloquium] 2023.12.6.(WED) / Prof. Han Seb Moon (Pusan National Univ.) / Slow light, Fast light, and Stopped light (Quantum memory)