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[Colloquium] 2024.3.13.(WED) / Prof. Soon Chil Lee(National Research Foundation of Korea) / 양자기술이 가져올 문명의 두번째 퀀텀 점프

[ Colloquium Notice ]

  • Date: 2024.3.13.(WED), 16:30~
  • Place: Room #203 in Natural Science Bldg.
  • Speaker: Prof. Soon Chil Lee (National Reserarch Foundation of Korea)
  • Title: 양자기술이 가져올 문명의 두번째 퀀텀 점프
  • Host: Prof. Sang-Yun Lee
  • Language: Korean


[강연자료] (암호: 콜로퀴움 공지시 안내됨)